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Tank-Zhuan Shu Thian Shi Lyric

Wo bu hui guai ni dui wo de wei zhuang
Tian shi zai ren jian shi gai cang hao chi bang
Ren men yu chun lu mang er ni xian xi shan liang
Zen neng rang ni wei le wo bei peng shang

Xiao xiao de shou zhang hou hou de wen nuan
Ni zong neng ping fu wo bu an de ye wan
Bu gan xiang de meng xiang tou guo ni de yan guang
Wo cai kan jian ta yuan lai zai qian fang

Mei you shei neng ba ni qiang li wo shen pang
Ni shi wo de zhuan shu tian shi
Wei wo neng du zhan
Mei you shei neng qu dai ni zai wo xin shang
Yong you yi ge zhuan shu tian shi
Wo na li hai xu yao bie de yuan wang

Xiao xiao de shou zhang da da de li liang
Wo yi ding ye kuai xiang ni yi yang fei xiang
Ni xiang qu de di fang jiu shi wo de fang xiang
You wo bao hu xiao rong jin guan can lan

Mei you shei neng ba ni qiang li wo shen pang
Ni shi wo de zhuan shu tian shi
Wei wo neng du zhan
Mei you shei neng qu dai ni zai wo xin shang
Yong you yi ge zhuan shu tian shi
Wo na li hai xu yao bie de yuan wang

Yao bu shi ni chu xian wo yi ding hai zai chen shui
Jue wang de yi wei sheng ming zhi you hei ye

Mei you shei neng ba ni qiang li wo shen pang
Ni shi wo de zhuan shu tian shi
Wei wo neng du zhan
Mei you shei neng qu dai ni zai wo xin shang
Yong you yi ge zhuan shu tian shi
Wo na li hai xu yao bie de yuan wang

Kenji Wu-Yue Ai Yue Nan Guo(越爱越难过) Lyric

说 说你为什么 为什么要走
Shuo, shuo ni wei shen me, wei shen me yao zou

Shuo ni wei he yao fen shou

别拖 求你别软弱
Bie tuo, qiu ni bie ruan ruo

求你说出口 分手的理由
Qiu ni shuo chu kou, fen shou de li you

但你却拖 拖 拖 拖到什么时候
Dan ni que tuo tuo tuo tuo dao shen me shi hou

Ru guo yao zou que you wei he ting liu

请你别拖 拖 拖 大声的说出口
Q ing ni bie tuo tuo tuo da sheng de shuo chu kou

Qing ni yao tong jiu tong, gei wo ge kuai huo

如果说你要走 我不会留
Ru guo shuo ni yao zou, wo bu hui liu

Wo bu qu guan yi hou

然后我们说清楚 一句话就够
Ran hou wo men shuo qing chu, yi ju hua jiu gou

如果说你要走 我不会留
Ru guo shuo ni yao zou, wo bu hui liu

Wo bu qu guan yi hou

多么痛 多么的难过
Duo me tong duo me de nan guo

Bie yue ai yue nan guo

Do Do Re Re Mi Mi Re Do Ti Do
Do Do Re Mi Do

Ran hou lian hua dou bu shuo, ji xu chen mo

连朋友都没得作 为了什么
Lian peng you dou mei de zuo wei le shen me

Ran hou gen bie ren shuo ni qi shi hai shi ai wo

就算了吧 坏人我来做
Jiu suan le ba, huai ren wo lai zuo

Gillian Chung Faces New Naughty Picture Scandal

Gillian Chung Faces New Naughty Picture Scandal

A source in Hong Kong now alleges another man who dated Gillian Chung, someone other than Edison Chen, may have also taken naughty pictures of her in private. The source said the man who has possession of new naughty Gillian pictures is a celebrity, which immediately raises suspicion it could be Alex Fong. The source also mentioned that some of those pictures may have been stolen, and could be released at a later date. News of the new naughty pictures has not yet hit news papers in Hong Kong. Stay tuned as this story develops …Recently Alex was asked about Gillian’s apology news conference. He said that he happened to be at home resting, so he did see the interview on television, and he said that she has taken a step forward, but he has nothing more to say.TVB held a fundraising variety show Help And Love yesterday evening to raise money for the action aid project of the same name to help the victims of the snowstorm crisis in Mainland China.Among the celebrities taking part in the event were the singing duo Twins (pictured above left is Gillian Chung, and right is Charlene Choi). Gillian Chung, who has earned herself the nickname of “Naive Gillian” after her involvement in the recent naughty photos scandal, and her subsequent explanation for her actions as being “naive and foolish”, remains the focus of the media attention. Charlene Choi joined Gillian to perform.Despite thousands of complaints from the public about the planned appearance of Gillian at the charity show, TVB decided to show their support for her and did not cancel their booking. The producers had also arranged for a group of Twins fans to sit in the live audience and support the duo during their performance. After joining the other stars in the main performance of the theme song “Bringing Warmth In Snow”, they also performed “Six Years Of Love” as their fans showed their applause and encouragement from the audience.After their item, Twins did not stick around nor answer any of the reporters’ questions because they were rushed off to the EEG New Year celebrations.The show’s producer Wai Sai Fai was asked about the change to Twins’ song from the originally planned “Connected Relationships” and he said that this was made at their request. He also said that although there were more Twins fans in the audience than any other group of fans, but this was made in arrangement with each of the singers’ fan clubs and was fair. During the ensemble performance, Alan Tam seemed to keep passing the microphone over to Gillian, who was stood beside him on the stage. He explained that this was to show his support for her and he denied that she was wearing a frown all evening, saying she was very brave and strong.TVB Executive Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw led the donations for the evening by pledging HK$1 million and he was joined by other noted philanthropists including Mr Timothy Fok who donated HK$5 million on behalf of his family business and also Peter Lam, Pansy Ho, Albert Yeung, and Joseph Lau, who all also donated HK$1 million towards the fund.The artists and singers at the event, including Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, and the cast of TVB sitcom Best Selling Secrets, all gave up their time to take part in the performance and encouraged the viewers at home to phone in and pledge their donations to the worthy cause.

Candice Chan Wedding Cancelled Over Scandal

Edison Chen’s sister, Trician Chen, said today that her friend Candice Chan, who was one of the women involved in the naughty picture scandal, has cancelled her wedding she has been planning since April. Candice’s former fiance, has reportedly stopped speaking to her after the scandal became news world wide. He is said to be extremely embarrassed, but glad the news became public before he married Candice.

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Separate Over Scandal

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Separate Over Scandal

Posted on February 13, 2008 at 5:29 pm (PST)


Nicholas Tse was photographed on 2-9 by the Hongkong media that he has taken off his wedding ring, which was always on his left hand in 2007, because of the naughty picture scandal involving his wife, Cecilia Cheung and lover at the time Edison Chen.According to many recent reports, Nicholas had a fierce argument with Cecilia after he returned to home last week from Nanjing, mainland China. It was speculated that he would divorce Cecilia. If so, their little son, Lucas, would be tended by his grandmother Deborah Lee.As Cecilia Cheung loves husband Nicholas Tse, and toddler son Lucas very much, we are very afraid that she possibly can not endure such a blow, and do something very tragic after she loses two beloved people in her life at the same time.Jaynestars says Cecilia Cheung was involved in a relationship with Edison Chen for 3 Years before the naughty picture scandal.Based on the memorabilia appearing in the background of the photos, reporters speculate that Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, had an affair with Edison Chen when she was in her turbulent stage with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, circa 2004 to 2005. Cecilia and Edison may have been involved for approximately 3 years.In past interviews (prior to the release of the naughty photos), Cecilia recounted that she met Edison when she was only 18 years old. The pair filmed a commercial ad together. At the time Edison had not officially entered the entertainment industry yet.Also at that time, Cecilia insisted she was not dating Edison. She said at the time, “We will continue to be good friends, really good friends going forward. No matter what happens, I will continue to speak out for him.” However, given the current naughty photo scandal, Cecilia’s past outburst was a bit ironic.In February 2004, Cecilia and Nicholas filmed the movie, “The Promise” together and mended their relationship. In March of the same year, the paparazzi photographed the pair together during the filming. However, at the time, Cecilia was also allegedly involved in a relationship with Edison Chen and Jordan Chan Siu Chun.In 2005, Cecilia dated a Caucasian man. At the same time, there were rumors that she may have gotten back together with Nicholas Tse. In May 2005, Nicholas and Cecilia promoted “The Promise” in Cannes and Director Chen Kaige said the pair had “an intimate relationship.”While promoting “The Promise” in Taiwan the same year, Cecilia did not omit the likelihood of reuniting with Nicholas Tse. However on May 20, 2005, Cecilia returned to Hong Kong and attended Edison Chen’s apparel store’s one year anniversary celebration. Cecilia and Edison appeared to be quite intimate with each other at the event.Based on these events, reporters speculate that Cecilia was involved with Edison amidst break-ups and reunifications with Nicholas Tse.On 2-12 Nicolas Tse and Cecilia Cheung reportedly signed a separation agreement. It was said that Nicolas Tse was not angry with the naughty pictures of Cecilia Cheung with Edison Chen, but the fact that Cecilia cheated on him with Edison Chen while she was also dating Nicholas was too much for him to deal with.The couple married in September 2006, and even though the couple married in the Philippines, the union and any divorce can be dealt with by Hong Kong jurisdiction because at least one of the couple is a Hong Kong citizen. Legal sources say after one year of separation the couple can file for divorce without citing any particular reason. Last year, in an interview with Squat, Nicholas said his marriage to Cecilia was “for life”. 


Edison Chen and Gillian Chung Naughty Pic Scandal

Edison Chen and Gillian Chung Naughty Pic Scandal

Posted on January 30, 2008 at 2:58 pm (PST)


Edison Chen and Gillian Chung, both actors, are now in the middle of a scandal as naughty pictures of their intimate bedroom activities has somehow been leaked onto the Internet. The pics are real, and came from Edison’s laptop. Chung was interviewed after the release of naughty pictures from a previous scandal. Chung should have learned the first time. You may not be able to understand Chinese, but those tears streaming down her face in the interview are universal. Don’t look at these pics at work.

The scandal started after pictures were taken from Edison Chen’s laptop by a technician that was repairing it. There were a total of approximately 1,300 pictures. The naughty pictures included Bobo Chan Man, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, Gillian Chung Yun-Tung, Joey Yung, Yu Chiu, Vincy Yeung, Cecilia Cheung, Yumiko Cheng, Mandy Chen, BoBo Chen, Rachel Ngan, Candice Chan, Jolin Tsai, Maggie Q, and some say even Japanese star Chiaki Kuriyama, and possibly more.

Charlene Choi sat next to Gillian Chung today in a news conference, which was Gillian’s first public appearance since the Edison Chen scandal hit the news. Gillian apologized. However, Gillian looked like she was having so much fun at the press conference, it’s hard to believe she is sincerely sorry, but rather sorry she was caught, and the whole scandal made public. Meanwhile, Ming Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported that negotiations for Gillian’s pop duo, Twins, to endorse a toothpaste company in mainland China for HK$4 million have fallen through as a result of the scandal. Hong Kong Disneyland pulled from its website a Chinese New Year advertisement featuring Gillian’s band Twins. However, a spokesperson for Disney denied that the withdrawal had anything to do with the scandal and said that the length of the campaign was decided upon long beforehand.

–   Edison Chen, the only male celebrity to be implicated by the scandal, will return to Hong Kong to face the media this week, his management confirmed today. Ms Leung, of East Asia Music, said that Edison will arrive back in Hong Kong on Thursday or Friday. She denied that he had left the country to avoid the fallout from the scandal. Edison is supposedly going to help police catch the insider who is releasing the photos. Today Hong Kong authorities caught the ninth suspect without Edison’s help. There have been protests in the streets, and complaints that Edison is just as guilty as the suspects who have been caught. There are also complaints that the people involved are getting a free pass because they are celebrities.

–  Miriam Yeung, who made an appearance yesterday at a Chinese New Year event at Harbour City as guest of honour, and is Edison Chen’s godsister, said she had been sending text messages of support, but did not wish to comment on the scandal. As for suggestions that her name will also appear on the list of female celebrities involved in the scandal, Miriam said that she did not want to comment any further and with the scandal bringing down the general morality in society, she did not want to perpetuate the reports any further. When reporters asked if her parents had questioned her about the incident, she said that her mother trusts her completely and she has her own integrity, so after 12 years in the industry, she has no need to explain herself.